The Boy Who Belonged by J.A. Rock and Lisa Henry
Series: The Boy, book#2
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: GLBT, BDSM, M/M, Erotic Romance
Length: Novel

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Twenty-one-year-old Lane Moredock finally has a normal life. Six months after he was wrongly made a suspect in his parents’ ponzi scheme, he’s settled down with his older boyfriend, Derek, and is working and attending school. But his happiness is threatened when his mother launches a Christmastime PR campaign to help appeal her prison sentence, and asks introverted Lane to be part of it.

Derek Fields has his hands full taking Santa photos, bird-sitting his sister’s foul-mouthed macaw, and helping Lane prepare for a television interview neither of them wants him to do. As he eases Lane through his anxiety, he worries that Lane sees him as a caretaker rather than a boyfriend, and that their age difference really does matter. He and Lane compensate for the stress in their lives by taking their D/s relationship to new levels–a relationship that Lane’s mother insists he should be ashamed of.

As Christmas draws nearer, the pressure builds. Pushy elves. Snarky subs. A bad fight. A parrot in peril. How the hell is Derek going to give Lane a perfect Christmas when the Moredock legacy threatens to pull them apart before the new year?

Tamara’s Review:

When I sat down to read this book, it was like welcoming home a pair of old friends. I absolutely fell in love with Lane and Derek in the first book in the series and was ecstatic to see they were coming back. I also couldn’t resist because there was a rumor the rather uncouth Mr. Zimmerman was returning. I fell in love with the crockety old parrot in the first book.

The Boy Who Belonged is well-rounded and has it all – from humor to gut wrenching sadness as not only Lane struggles to find his feet in his relationship with Derek, but also as Derek deals with his own issues. The trials and tribulations these two go through at times had me crying while at other times smiling. Oh and lets not forgot the kinky sex on the side. Definitely yum times five.

Overall The Boy Who Belonged is a story that will take you on a roller coaster ride that will keep you reading until the very last page. Both Ms. Rock and Ms. Henry have delivered a book worthy of a top rating. I will however recommend that before you plunge into The Boy Who Belonged that you read The Good Boy (the first book in the series) to get full enjoyment out of Lane and Derek’s journey.

Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Tamara!


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