Blackraven’s Reviews is about providing frank and honest opinions of romance (erotic or mainstream), paranormal, young adult, historical, and any other books that strike our fancy.  The Blackraven’s Staff includes several avid readers and a few authors who read all genres and hope to share our opinions with you.  With that said…meet the Ravens.



A.J. is often referred to a doctor because she is one. She’s a world traveler and has visited most of the continent at one time or another in her life. In addition to English, she is fluent in three other languages,hence, her passion for traveling. But she has other passions as well.

A.J. is a voracious reader and enjoys reading erotic romance, young adult, anything paranormal, fantasy, inspirational, and historical. When she’s not reading or traveling, she spends time with her friends and family. She enjoys cooking, crocheting, movies, playing volleyball and tennis, relaxing outdoors, and music. At one time, she was a part-time DJ for country western station.

A.J. often over multi-tasks if there is such a thing and her friends have a tendency to consider her a perfectionist. Currently, she is trying her hand at writing erotic romance. In addition, she’s the owner of Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe, Blackraven’s Reviews, The Reader’s Roundtable, AJ’s Reading Nook & Rantings, and Dark Divas Reviews. Don’t forget to check out AJ’s other sites.



As co-owner and hostess of Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe and Blackraven’s Reviews, there are times when I’m one busy woman. I love books of all genres, especially erotic romance, highlanders, cowboys, and of course, paranormal. In fact, I was probably a vampire in another lifetime since I find them so sexy. I hope you enjoy my reviews, as well as my bantering with Kat from time to time even though she hasn’t been around in a while. But don’t fret, she’ll be back soon.

I know you’re going to love the addition to our review staff and can’t wait to see what these ladies come up with for you to sink your teeth into. Oh, did I forget to mention that from time to time, I’ll be dropping by Dark Diva Reviews as a guest, so check me out and hear me roar. God, I’ve always wanted to say that….the hear me roar part. LOL! Take care!


Hostess of the Kat’s Meow

Hello everyone! My name is Kat and I’m here to share with you one of my ultimate passions…books! I love the adventure of finding new authors to read and them sweeping me to a new place for a few days. My hope is to share with you some of my favorite reads and maybe introduce you to some new authors.

I’m in my glory 40s, live in Texas and adore cats. Which make others wonder why I own a dog and not any cats???!! But that’s is a whole other blog post. LOL! So, sit back and enjoy the bantering between me and The Blackraven. Maybe we need to visit Dr. Raven for a session or two….hmmm….food for thought.


Submissions/Review Coordinator

Hey peeps, Lace here, I wanted to give you the 411 on me. *grins* I am married to a deliciously handsome man and mom to two amazing kidlets. I am just in lust with reading. When a scene steals my breath, I know it is going to be worth the read.. I am going to enjoy reviewing books for Blackraven’s Reviews, and letting you all know what to expect from a book. You can also catch up with me on my own site: HEA Romances With A Little Kick. I hope to see you around.



Hey everyone! My name is Isabel, but my friends call me Izzy. I’m excited to be a part of Blackraven’s Reviews. I’m addicted to books, especially those that make my body swoon, my heart speed up, or the naughty ones that set my body on fire. I also like books that center around humor, paranormal elements, historical eras and many, many other genres. It’s probably because I’m working on a Master’s in English, but regardless, it’s all good.

Although I enjoy hanging out with my friends, I’m definitely more of a home body. Give me several good books, some warm chocolate chip cookies, and an ice cold drink whether it be a sprite or something a little stronger and I’m good to go. I’ve always loved being swept up in a book, experiencing what the characters experience, enjoying their drama, trials and tribulations, but also their joy. There’s nothing better…well…almost nothing. LOL! I hope you enjoy my reviews and thanks to everyone at Blackraven’s Reviews for the warm welcome. It’s great to be here.



Hello fellow romance readers, I just want to roll my “R”‘s when I say that. As most of you know I am married to a Raven. Even though we are a team sometimes our ideas on books do not mesh. I enjoy many aspects to reading with my wife, but I enjoy reading on my own as well. The intensity, passion and a great follow through can create a book worth reading over and over again. Yes, I have an addiction, and I hope there is never a cure. What would my life be without a great book to enjoy.