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Featured Book Trailer Ads
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Being the co-owner of Blackraven’s Erotic Cafe, Blackraven’s Reviews, Dark Divas Reviews, The Readers Roundtable, and AJ’s Reading Nook has its advantages and that involves promotional media.

We’re able to offer you some awesome promotional opportunities to pimp your book on any of these sites at an affordable price. So, if you’re interested in a large banner ad (941×350) to pimp your newest release, or a book cover slot that links to Amazon so your peeps know where to buy your books, then give us a shout out.

To find out more about pricing, simply go to the Services tab and select the different options next to promotional media and check out all of the different goodies we have to offer. You can find additional promotional opportunities, both free and paid on our sites listed above under the Services button. So, drop by and visit. We’d love to chat with you.