Natural Evil by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Genre: Paranormal, Shape-shifters
Length: 155 pages


Attempted Murder. Passion. Betrayal. It’s a dog-eat-dog world.

Claudia Hunter is on a road trip through the Nevada desert when she sees the body of a dog on the side of the highway. Pulling over to investigate, she quickly determines that the enormous animal is clinging to life. While working to save him with the help of the local vet, Claudia realizes there’s something about the creature that seems more. Other. Wyr. Which makes this case of animal cruelty attempted murder.

Too injured to shape shift, Luis Alvaraz is reluctant to tell Claudia what he knows about his attack, afraid it will only make her a target. But the sheriff is corrupt, and his attackers know Luis is alive and vulnerable. To make matters worse, a sandstorm is sweeping into town, and if they’re going to survive the night, Luis will have to place all his trust in Claudia.

This book was previously published.

Product Warnings: Take a gorgeous man temporarily stuck in the dog house, add a strong, take-no-prisoners woman, mix in encroaching enemies and a raging sandstorm and stir to combine. Enjoy with a freshly opened can of whoop-ass.

Naunet’s Review:

Natural Evil penned by one of the renowned paranormal authors shares the thrill of being a mature woman who is dynamic, passionate about what she believes in and does not mind being first in line to kick some butt. Natural Evil is a perfect title for the book because evil is an aspect that comes into our lives whether we want to admit it or not. If you walk on the earth you won’t depart the planet without participating in or initiating an evil act.

Natural Evil demonstrates the malice that prevails in the hearts and minds of a group of men mean-spirited enough to destroy men, women and children for their own gratification that’s fueled by greed. Cold-blooded, wicked men kidnap and kill people who are considered invisible, and expendable by enslaving them to work the silver mines in Nevada. Something grabs the attention and spirit of Luis, a Wyr, shape-shifter member of the Elder race; as he begins to investigate the disappearances of people in Nirvana, Nevada. He’s is a hughe shape-shifter with magical dark brown eyes and a muscular body that ripples like the movement of the water of a river once a stone is thrown into it. Luis has keen senses of course being a shape-shifter and a persona that’s hard to resist. As a result of his curiosity several men follow the instructions of the heavy hitter, power brokers of the silver mines to get rid of Luis. He is taken into the desert, brutalized, shot and left for dead.

Claudia Hunter is speeding along the Nevada highway in the blackness of night on her way to enjoy a respite from the stresses that plague her heart, mind and soul when she spots something on the side of the road. Claudia has served in the military as a medic and her compassionate instincts kicks in when she notices what appears to be a body of some sort. Immediately she goes into rescue mode and turns around hoping that whatever or whomever out there is not dead. Claudia is a healthy, physically and mentally fit woman thanks to her military workout routine and the gift of telekinesis, which enables her to move this gigantic, horribly injured dog into her vehicle and begin searching for a vet.

Ms. Harrison builds her story Natural Evil around an invigorating sexy, mature, woman, who is a butt-kicker that takes no prisoners, yet her femininity is clearly manifested. Claudia is telekinetic which provides her with the strength to move unbelievably heavy objects.

Ms. Harrison draws the reader into the story by stimulating all the the five senses with strong characters and an exciting beginning. The vibration of suspense is woven throughout the story, which kept me reading. I like Ms. Harrison’s writing style because it possesses a special addictive energy. I felt a true kinship with Claudia’s stoic nature; which stipulates that crying just is not a welcomed option.

As Claudia and Luis work to uncover the criminal conspiracy and those involved, I felt the sparks of their two souls. Working so closely together and learning to trust each other, Claudia and Luis develop a oneness mindset to bring justice to the criminal leaders of the local community exposing the tragic events surrounding the silver mines that’s causing innocent people to lose their lives. Perhaps this bond of trust and compassion may loosen up Claudia’s willpower which may provide Luis with an opportunity to show his appreciation for all she has done for him and many others.

The pheromones are incredibly strong making Claudia irresistible to Luis. Although he has connected with many women in his young past, I bet those ladies more than likely lacked the spine and ramrod backbone of Claudia’s calibre. Luis has to bring his major game in order to ease into Claudia’s bed and heart. It’s obvious that he’s into Claudia and wants to get to know this intelligent, courageous woman on a deeper level. Moreover, Mr. Alvarez’s tall, dark and handsomely deliciousness has plenty of sexual prowess that may cloud the focus of any woman. In addition, working so closely together while learning to trust one another, Claudia and Luis develop a oneness mindset to bring justice. Could this be a factor to loosen the dominant grip of self-control Ms. Hunter’s has on her willpower? Either way, Luis plans to be entwined like a grapevine with Claudia because not only does he want her to throw caution to the wind, but also he wants her relax. Can he worm his way into the private areas of Claudia’s mind, soul and body? Only time will tell because Claudia’s quest to move ahead with her original plan may leave many questions unanswered and dreams deferred.

Ms. Harrison gets the adrenaline of the characters moving like a waterfall and this took me deeper into the story. I was left tethering on the edge of the cliff when the story ended. Aah man…I wanted to know and experience more of Natural Evil. This is a great teaser and I can’t wait for the rest of the story once the novel is completed. You know Ms. Harrison, that was a nice bite of evilness for the reader and I look forward to reading more.

Rated 4 Ravens by Naunet!


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