Author Review: A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne

A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre: Futuristic, Erotic Romance, BDSM, M/F, F/F, F/F/M
Length: 40,731 words

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Lovers torn apart by duty…will Angelo and Lena be reunited?

Mankind is close to extinction. Toxins have all but wiped out the male population. The remaining fertile men are housed in manors where their seed is collected.

Lena Lee is a new collector with a rare pheromone believed to reignite human fertility. She’s assigned a male who’s predicted to be her perfect match.

Angelo, a clockwork butterfly maker, is held captive, his essence harvested daily by Lena. Over time, the couple begins to fall in love, something which is strictly prohibited. When their forbidden love is discovered, Lena is banished from the manor.

Torn apart by the duty that brought them together, Lena and Angelo must find a way back to each other. But even if Angelo manages to escape, he doesn’t know where to find Lena. Will following the path of the clockwork butterfly lead him to his true love?

Content Warning: strong language, BDSM, and graphic sexual content, including m/f, f/f, and f/f/m sexual interaction

Blackraven’s Review:

A Clockwork Butterfly is a compilation of genres that include fantasy, sci-fi romance, and BDSM to name a few. Ms. Rayne has penned a riveting story that revolves around a forbidden love triangle and the extinction of mankind. The reader is quickly immersed into the captivating world of Lena, Mae and Angelo.

The sexual chemistry between Lena, Mae and Angelo is intense, sensual, and at times explosive. It was intriguing to watch each relationship blossom into something more than just saving mankind. The forbidden love trope is always a favorite of mine and helped increase the intensity and complexity of the plot. The dialogue is fresh, the sex is explicit, and the emotions are raw and uninhibited. Lena, Mae and Angelo will captivate your heart and senses while heating up your body in all of the right places. My only niggle with A Clockwork Butterfly is that I would have liked a bit more world building on the front end of the story. Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Rayne did an excellent job of explaining about the toxins and why men were almost extinct, but I think it would have been more effective in a prologue that provided some background information and history of how this came to be. In addition, there were a few minor editing problems, but nothing that would deter the reader from the story.

Tabitha Rayne has crafted a compelling, entertaining, creative story with engaging characters who are fighting against the odds to find their Happily Ever After. Lena and Angelo’s naivete in regards to sex balanced Mae’s sensual knowledge to make for some smoking hot love scenes. I loved how Ms. Rayne allowed each of the characters to explore their sexuality. But what I enjoyed the most was the fact that Mae, one of the females, was responsible for teaching Angelo and Lena about domination. While Mae is a character that takes a bit of getting used to, she eventually grew on me as the story progressed. Ms. Rayne’s symbolism of the butterfly was an intricate component of the story that not only held meaning for each character on a personal level, but also added depth to the development of each character. Moreover, the conclusion of A Clockwork Butterfly leads the reader to believe that there will be a sequel, which piques my curiosity even more. :)

A Clockwork Butterfly by Tabitha Rayne is sexy, yet sensual with explicit love scenes, raw emotions, and engaging characters that will keep you coming back for me. So, if you haven’t checked out A Clockwork Butterfly, then do so today. You won’t be sorry. :)

Rated 4.5 Ravens by Blackraven!


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Sizzling PR Review: Fool Me Once by Lacey Wolfe

Fool Me Once by Lacey Wolfe
Series: Hot Bods Series, Book 1
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre(s): Erotic, Contemporary Romance
Length: Short

Available At: Amazon / Nook /BeachwalkPress/_AllRomance / Bookstrand


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…

Drew is the last person Skylar wanted to see across from her at a local bar. A month ago he’d wined and dined her all weekend, leaving her feeling fully in love, but then she awoke alone in an empty hotel room and she hadn’t heard from him since.

The weekend Drew spent with Skylar was phenomenal. There had never been anyone who made him feel as complete as she did. He shouldn’t have disappeared, he should have called, but his feelings for her scared him, so he distanced himself. But when he saw her again, he knew he couldn’t stay away any longer.

Skylar’s determined not to give Drew another chance to hurt her, but he’s just as determined to win her back. Although it won’t be easy, he’s up to the challenge, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal.

Content Warning: Explicit Sex

Blackraven’s Review:

Smoking Hot! are the words that come to mind when I think about Fool Me Once by Lacey Wolfe. If Skylar and Drew don’t make you want to drag your honey to the bedroom and have mad, passionate sex all night long, then nothing will. No joke! We’re talking finger licking, smack your lips, wet your panties good. :)

Ms. Wofle has created a dynamite set of characters that will make you fall in love with the instantly. The chemistry between Skylar and Drew is off the charts both in and out of the bed. These two are creating a relationship that every girl dreams of when she’s younger, or even as she matures. Although they have their bouts of miscommunication, trust and fear, it’s all perfectly normal, which is what makes the story believable. Their fights are intense, but their passion and love for one another is stronger and makes you just sigh in bliss wanting to experience more with this dynamic duo.

Skylar’s best friend, Amy, is absolutely adorable. She’s smart, sassy, a great cook and will make some lucky man very happy. I loved that they could talk about anything and when Skylar, the pessimist, only saw the negative side of the situation, Amy calmed her down and helped her to view both sides of the situation in order to make a better decision. Although there was a part of me that didn’t like Francesca, there was also a part of me that felt bad for her. The main and secondary characters were well-developed. In addition, the secondary characters’ roles in the story were well balanced and didn’t overshadow the main characters.

Ms. Wolfe has penned a well-written, engaging story where the words and characters simply leaped off the pages. The dialogue is witty, the sex is smoldering, the love is endearing, and the friendship is everlasting. You couldn’t ask for a better mix of characters to put a smile on your face. I can’t wait for Amy’s story because I know that there is a perfect man in her future who is waiting to sweep her off her feet. :)

Fool Me Once is an intense, sensual story where the plot is captivating, the sex is uninhibited, the fights and make-up rounds between our hero and heroine is passionate , and the love is genuine and heartfelt.  I simply couldn’t get enough of Skylar and Drew. Moreover, I hope that they make an appearance in Amy’s story, which will definitely make my day. This is one short read that will have you smiling from beginning to end, so pick it up now because love is definitely in the air for Skylar and Drew. :)

Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by Blackraven!


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Author Review: Be My Everything by Ella Jade

Be My Everything by Ella Jade
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance/ BDSM
Length: 115 pages


Lucas and Katherine enter into the perfect arrangement to fulfill their sexual needs, but what happens when their hearts get in the way?

Shy, awkward receptionist Katherine Sierra wants to explore her sexually submissive side. Although new to the BDSM world, she’s eager to learn. When she attends a play party and submits an application to one of the most experienced Doms in the room, she has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

Successful businessman and hardcore Dominant Lucas Cain knows his way around a playroom and doesn’t normally take on brand new subs. He’s apprehensive about training someone so innocent, but the more time he spends with Katherine the more intrigued he becomes. She may be everything he’s been searching for.

But when Lucas requests that Colin, his friend and mentor, join them in the playroom for an evening of fun, it just might change everything.

Has Lucas broken his own rule and fallen in love with his sub?

Content Warning: strong language, graphic sex, BDSM themes

Lace’s Review :

Oh I just want to gush!Be My Everything by Ella Jade is a true winner.

Ella Jade has done such an amazing job capturing Lucas and Katherine’s characters. Katherine is as believable a person as the people I know in real life, who has discovered her need to submit. As a reader, I could feel her desire pour off the pages.

Lucas is a true master, and I have to admit that I have a love/hate feel for him. Although he comes off arrogant the majority of the time, it’s obvious that he has soft spot for Kat. You can feel both their inner battles, in which Kat is trying to accept her need to submit and Lucas is trying to shield his heart, the one thing no one has ever held.

The chemistry between these two is off the chart. There is nothing amiss between Kat and Lucas when it comes to playing out a scene. They are hot, sweet and downright sexy. Ms. Jade’s details are amazing and helps to inform the reader of the lingo used in the BDSM lifestyle.

If you’d like a taste of what the BDSM lifestyle is like, then Ella Jade’s Be My Everything is the book to read. Truly, the title says it all. Submit to me and I will show you amazing pleasures, all you have to say is, “Yes, Master”.

Rated 5 Ravens by Lace!


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