Author Review: Weight Of A Gun by Various Authors

Weight of a Gun by Cornelia Grey, Gryvon, Lydia Nyx, Penny K. Moss, Peter Hansen, and Sumi
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Genre: Anthology, M/M, GLBT, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Historical Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance
Length: 137 Pages


In Bounty Hunter, William Hunt is hot on the trail of lover-turned-outlaw James Campbell. But when William finally catches up with James, bringing him to justice is the last thing on his mind. Changing the Guard introduces Tomi Vuorela, working security in a frozen off-world outpost. When Andile Harper intrudes on his seclusion, Tomi must determine if the interloper is a harmless workman or a dangerous terrorist.

Avery Belfour is The Machinist, kidnapped by a rival colony in need of his services. But the dark and deadly Harrow may have other plans for Avery first. In My Rifle Is Human, the more a Gunslinger like Fil sexually satisfies his shapeshifting partners, the Ordinances, the more likely they’ll survive as weapons on the battlefield. When late-bloomer Morris becomes Fil’s latest partner, however, it will take all Fil’s patience and skill to seduce and inspire Morris in time for the next wave of attacks.

Tyler Maxwell from In the Pines, a former New York cop now working a desk job in Alaska, buys a gun as a present and begins to dream about the mysterious and beautiful Flynn. But Flynn is more than a dream, and Tyler must find the truth before he loses his mind. Finally, in Compromised Judgment, Rózsa Ignác is working to uncover a gunrunning operation supplying arms to his enemies. He’s certain that Cistalan Konrád is involved, but his attraction to the other man puts himself and the entire investigation in danger.

Naunet’s Review:

Weight of the Gun an Anthology

The power of steel in the right hands can be authoritarian in multiple ways which the author Cornelia Grey relates in her story, The Bounty Hunter, that leads the anthology The Weight of the Gun.

In the first story in the Weight of the Gun anthology Ms. Grey introduces us to William Hunt the powerful bounty hunter who is on the trail of James Campbell, a man that stirs up an unrelenting force that fuels William’s pursuit. The action builds quickly as William closes in on the trail of the deceptive man hiding in the shadows with a string of crimes.

James is a character that is portrayed as a typical wild western outlaw. He is handsome in a rugged, “bad boy” way that attracts both women and men. James also has the gift of deception, but a mighty presence if he desires a lover like no other. William Hunt has his sights locked in on the whereabouts of James, the infamous criminal. William is also a strong-willed man with a body that has the sexy rawness necessary to pack heavy steel and is not afraid to use it.

Ms. Grey’s settings vividly illustrates the places commonly associated with the old-fashioned cowboy movies: dusty, unbearable heat, tumble weeds and dark, poorly maintained saloons and hotels. I felt the tension throughout this thrilling trek that kept me actively engaged as the character galloped off into many sunsets. There are frustrations as William closed in on the sought after man and then suddenly the gears are shifted.

Guns pack quite a wallop making the results memorable in every sense of the word. All aspects of your imagination makes handling heavy steel/ gun take on an array of meanings. The gun can be utilized as a weapon in all parts of your imagination. Used for protection/ punishment, the object of steel could mean the keenly horned muscular appendage of the male human anatomy.

James gets a taste of all of the above in his game of hide and seek, come get it that encompasses various towns, people and situations. The relationship between James and William’s explosive personalities holds a past that only William and James have in common. I anticipated the ending or so I thought but Ms. Grey throws in a bit of unexpected scenes which threw me off slightly and the ending left me looking forward to her next book involving the antics of William and James.

Changing the Guard by Peter Hansen

In this exciting story Changing the Guard, Mr. Hansen tosses you into the worlds of outer space a futurist tale on another dark planet. His characters are witty and I became caught up in the relationship and the banter between Tomi and Andile. Mr. Hansen incorporates skillfully the current social issues plaguing us today and that these concerns are still present far into the future.

Mr. Hansen wastes no time “getting the party started” with his descriptions of the outer space setting, the sights, and sounds as he acquaints his reader to the sexy lead players. The characters were easy to relate to and enjoy. Mr. Hansen presents the emotions of whether you should trust someone you don’t know or keep your guard up and try to find holes in their story. The use and consistent presence of the gun is important to the development of the story along with the personal tempered steel Andile possess.

Mr. Hansen allows his readers to become a bit anxious about the connection between Tomi and Andile. I also liked the manner in which Mr. Hansen brings these two men together and his descriptions of the physical attributes of Tomi and Andile. This made my imagination rock and roll. Mr. Hansen brings the reader on his outer space, sexy thriller that left me wondering whether or not they should take the risk, fulfill each other and deal with the impact of their actions. The Changing the Guard has the necessary conflict and near closure that makes me hungry for more of the story. “Remember when you pull your gun out of the holster you have to use it properly”. :-))

The Machinist by Gryvon

The next story in this gun toting anthology continues the connection of being the bearer of the scorching heat and power of the individual holding the tool in their hands. In The Machinist by Gryvon, you are thrown head first into a prisoner’s cell and the sounds of gunshots being fired.

The Machinist informed me that guns have different sounds, hmmm now that I think about it he is so on point with that fact.

Life was horrific on thecolony run by barbarians who did not respect machinists. Harrow and his team break into the prison that housed Avery, a machinist, and frees him so that he can be used for the personal desires of Harrow, which involves lots of kinky sex.

In The Machinist, the gun battles are ever present with a monster that eats the bodies that were remnants of the gun battle. Everything in the beginning of The Machinist is dark, gloomy, violent and hard. Ms. Gryvon directs the readers attentions to their auditory senses and the sense of smell. The machinist, Avery, appears to have several useful skills that saves Harrow and himself. Harrow and his soldier moved to the living quarters owned by Harrow which appeared to be a castle. Here Ms. Gryvon opens up the tale to light and the darkness fades into the background momentarily. Harrow makes Avery his personal machinist.

I would have liked a bit more of a lead into the story with some background knowledge about Avery, the colony, and the monster. I felt a bit disconnected as the story progressed; however, the kinky sex is very explicit.

My Rifle is Human by Sumi

Wow! Ms. Sumi comes out the gate with an explicit intimate scenario. What an attention getter.

Fil and Jeryl are engaged in a sexy situation. Their conversations are often funny yet sarcastic. Fil has been in the army providing twenty years of service. Gunslingers as they were called were committed to serving two tours as payment for their education. Ordnances are warriors who depend on the skills of Gunslingers to strengthen them prior to going into battle. The Ordnance are shape-shifters and can change arms and fingers into weaponry. Ordnances report for battle once they get the”mark” on their body then they must report to the War Office.

In this fantasy, the Ordnances are individuals who go to the battlefields and the Gunslinger serves as an energy source. Ms. Sumi shares a conversation between Morris, a main character who appears on the scene a bit deeper into the story. In doing this Ms Sumi creates a different dimensions giving her writing a uniqueness that I enjoyed. My Rifle is a Human has a lighter energy than most of the stories in this anthology, which was a welcomed change. There are a few moments in Ms. Sumi’s book that made me chuckle as I picture the scene because of the realism, but more importantly I admired Morris’ train of thought prior to heading out to the battle. My Rifle is a Human has plenty of sizzling sexual vibes of all kinds and hidden emotions that reveal compassion and friendships.

Morris is accepted for duty and finds that he’s quite a bit older than most soldiers. Morris has a different idea for Fil’s servicing duties. Morris is fresh from the Academy and Fil’s finds Morris amazing and unlike any Ordnances Fil has prepared for battle.  Well done Ms. Sumi!!

In the Pines by Lydia Nyx

Alaska is a truly beautiful setting for the story of mystery and intrigue. Tyler Maxwell an injured police officer from New York is assigned to restricted duty where boredom begins to take hold, so he moves to Anchorage Alaska. Tyler was great at profiling people because it was second nature for him. The clerk at a gun shop chats with Tyler as the clerk knows that Tyler is new to the area and did not recognize Tyler. The clerk’s impression of the reason Tyler moved to Alaska was for police duties with a slower pace. Tyler browses the store’s gun inventory and a Browning catches his eye. Tyler would like to purchase the gun as a gift for his brother Rich.

Ms. Nyx creates the cool air of mystery as she develops the plot that takes you on a wild ride of paranormal activities surrounding the gun. Tyler’s obsession creates the twists and turns after a series of dreams.Tyler was gay and fancies the younger, wilder set for his erotic encounters.

Tyler has a sensual encounter with one of the sexiest beings he has ever met. The dream was so influential that Tyler returns to work happy, smiling and easier to be around.

Ms. Nyx’s implementation of the setting and plot combined plenty of unpredictable events that conjures all kinds of stimulating and titillating reactions. She clearly shares the experiences Tyler is graced with in his dreams. Flynn and Tyler’s intimate encounters are more than incredible and extremely realistic to those who dream and can remember them. Dreams have the power to alter us with their messages.

There were moments that required my reflex to fan my face as I read because things really sizzled. The man/angel of Tyler’s dream was supernal and this drives him to the point of acting irrationally.

Ms. Nyx weaves a sexy thriller that is so intoxicating that I often sat with my eyes bugging out of my head and gasping for air after holding my breath in anticipation of the next event. Ms. Nyx’s vivid descriptions caused me to become so engrossed in the books, I felt as if I were in the scene with Tyler during his hot pursuit of clues that impact his dreams of Flynn. Ms. Nyx manages to not only create a wonderfully erotic story that is top-notch in every aspect, but also creates a combination that blends the thriller genre that takes you by surprise. I will look for other writings  by Ms. Nyx who is outstanding at captivating the reader and holding he/she down in the chair with the energy that’s almost as powerful as Flynn’s affect on Tyler. Ms. Nyx gives new meaning to nocturnal emission…inconceivable!  Great ending!  This is a book I will remember for a long time.

Compromised Judgment by Penny K. Moss

Weapons are being confiscated for illegal purposes.

Rozsa Ignac wants to conduct his personal investigation into the shipment of guns. Cistalan Konrad is almost willing to compromise his investigation to develop a relationship with Rozsa Ignac.

Konrad was a man with swagger, captivating personality and a sexy air about him. The vibes between them is strong and the need to follow their instincts go against all of the training they’ve received.

Ignac felt taunted by Konrad’s heat and presence. Was his desire for him worth missing the opportunity to catch Tarr Ador with the unmarked weapons?

Ms. Moss has a great descriptions of the environment for her characters. The two main characters are realistic with a lot of tension between them both intimately and on the job, but I found it often difficult to relate to the stiff vibe of the characters. She makes a strong impression about how loyalty and a sense of honor is so very important and may result in denying your needs. That message was powerful and appreciated. The use of the pistols popping up as natural reflex was a bit unsettling for me. I noticed the sexual implications present with all the oiling and disassembling and reassembling the weapons as an invitation to engage in some type of sex play.


The Weight of the Gun is a collection of hot, erotica with the power of using tempered steel in and out of the sheath. The authors are all very talented and incorporates plenty of sensual energy among all GLBT genre. These ladies have plenty of knowledge of guns and the multiple methods for usage.

The person with the big gun and mad skills wielding it clearly determines that things are going to be scorching hot. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I relished the stories some a bit more than others. I recommend it and have a deeper respect for the power, hardness and various temperatures of guns and their ability to govern so many human aspects of intimacies. (wink)

Rated 4 Ravens by Naunet!


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